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This recurring vlog will keep you up to date on the latest news and hot topics surrounding the real estate industry.

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Is Tech Replacing Realtors?

In this vlog we discuss the hot topic in real estate right now: is tech going to replace the realtor? We hear it come up a lot and with tech in real estate booming right now it was definitely something we wanted to address.

A Key to Real Estate Success

In this vlog we talk about a very important tool you should be using as a realtor, agent, broker etc. that will lead you to success in this technology driven world. 

Intro to Structurely Foundations

We are so excited to bring back the Structurely Foundations vlog! We can't wait to discuss all things real estate and keep you up to date on what's happing in the industry.

Being a Client First Agent

As a realtor are you putting your customers first? I talk about why you need to be going above and beyond before, during, and after your transactions with clients to stay competitive.

Using Technology in Real Estate to get Everything Done

Did you know that agents who incorporate technology into their daily workflow are 50 percent more productive than agents who don’t use technology? In this vlog, I talk stats on technology in real estate, and the facts will surprise you!

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